A GPS-Vehicle Tracking System does more than just merely track your vehicles and drivers activities. It is a Management Tool that increases productivity and decreases expenses. It increases driver productivity, decreases vehicle expenses, and improves customer service, all of which add up to a more profitable bottom line. A fleet of 10 vehicles can save in excess of $1,600.00 per month in operating and overtime costs.
GPS Fleet Solutions is a Pittsburgh-based company that provides its clients with the most recent technology in Global Positioning Systems, while at the same time providing local support, training, and product installation.

GPS Fleet Solutions is an Authorized Dealer for web-based, real-time

—GPS-Vehicle Tracking Systems &
Remote Asset Management Systems

There is no software to install or maintain, and all of the information is available to you and your staff on an easy-to-use, secure Internet website.
Remember, there are only two ways to increase profits: either increase sales or decrease overhead. Call 724-745-1658 TODAY and find out how GPS Fleet Solutions can help you do both! They can provide you with an on-line demo of their GPS-Vehicle Tracking System that you can view from the PC in your own office.

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“GPS-Vehicle Tracking Systems do more than track your vehicle and driver activities, they provide you a Management Tool with which to make well informed and timely decisions based upon information and data that would be otherwise unavailable.”

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